"Marketing is the beginning and ending of every business enterprise."
- D. Scott Herr

I'm not talking about marketing of products (which is just a small part of marketing), I'm talking about marketing of "the dream", which includes every facet of a business enterprise from laboratory, to production, to warehouse, to employees, to customers, to executive offices.


Although I offer all the standard consulting services, I do NOT offer canned programs. Every business has different problems and requires different solutions. But, in all cases, the entrepreneur needs to acquire an M B A:

Money: Unless your parents have one of those last names (Gates, Buffett, Walton), you're going to need investment money. To get that money, you need to tell your story in such a way that it attracts investors (Business Plan). You need to market your dream.

Brains: Sorry, but you don't know everything, and you can't do everything. If you disagree with this statement, then you're already one of the 90% who will fail. The best entrepreneurs surround themselves with the best talent they can find, and treat them like the thoroughbreds they are. Attracting and holding that talent isn't all about money. You need to market your dream.

Ambition: Not only must you be driven to succeed, but you need to associate with and hire others who have drive and ambition. Keeping your eyes focused on the prize and never looking back is what makes a successful team. You need to market your dream.

I became a veteran of three successful start-ups because I was able to market my dream! Market your dream to investors, employees, and customers, and you will get the Money, Brains, and Ambition that you need.


As an investor, it's assumed you already have your M B A, but bluntly put, investing money in an entrepreneur or inventor who lacks the ability to properly use that money, is the leading reason why only 10% of investments ever pay off.

If you have an investment that needs to acquire an M B A, give me a call! The 10% success rate can be beaten.

"Marketing is the only activity that creates profit. All other activities are cost."
- D. Scott Herr

What does your business need?

No business plans to fail, but failing to plan often has that same result. I believe very strongly in proper organization and Strategic Planning.

Corporate Structural Development:
    - Business Plan & Financial Forecasting
    - Fund Raising (Grants, Loans, Investors)
    - Exit Strategy & Positioning
    - Succession Planning
Manufacturing Development:
    - Product Manufacturability Review/Design
    - Product Testing (UL, AHRI, etc.)
    - Product Security (Patents, Copyrights)
    - Manufacturing Process (ISO, LEAN)
Sales & Marketing Development:
    - Market Research & Analysis
    - Sales Organization Development
    - Import / Export Development

How do you expect to arrive in the winner's circle if you don't know how you're going to get there?