Bilried was founded by Scott Herr to provide "reality" assistance to entrepreneurs, inventors, and investors, with the goal of improving the chances of success for new and renewing businesses. By "reality" assistance, we mean the application of real life experience - things that aren't found in classrooms or books.

We seek to work with entrepreneurs and inventors who are truly looking for results and not just fancy reports, often taking an active role in the company's management for a period of time, allowing for better implementation and training of those who will continue in the roles.

We seek to work with investors who are truly looking to improve on the 10% success rate of most investors. We can provide exceptional due diligence for considering investments, improve performance of existing investments, and position the investment for merger or acquisition to make an exit strategy truly work.

As a veteran of several successful start-ups, and holder of 19 U.S. and foreign patents for new products and technologies, Scott Herr draws on more than 30 years of "reality" experience, and is uniquely qualified to help a company structure or restructure to find its way through any phase.

About Our Fees

Unlike other consultants, Bilried has no set fee schedule and generally does not charge by the hour, but by the project. We do NOT focus on "billable hours". This allows the client to budget accurately without fear of overruns or of being "nickel and dimed" for every phone call, email, etc. Satisfactory completion of the project at hand is always the main focus.

Our interest is in forming a partnership - a "win-win", and because we believe strongly in our capabilities, we are even willing to trade equity for services and, under the right circumstances will even invest in the enterprise as well.


The name "Bilried" comes from the Herr family's ancestor, a Swiss knight known as Hugo Herrn von Bilried (Master of Bilried) who appeared in Schwabia (an area near modern Zurich, Switzerland) in the year 1009. Hugo's descendant, Hans, emigrated to the United States through Germany, purchasing 25,000 acres of land in southeastern Pennsylvania from Willam Penn in 1709. Strangely, the title was modified and kept as the family name (Herrn > Herr), and the ancestral estate name (von Bilried) was dropped.