Experienced Dynamic Leadership

I've had the rare privilege of being involved in a lot of different enterprises, at every level from bottom to top. This capability has made me an ideal leader for company founding and building, engineering and product development, sales & marketing, and operations & manufacturing. There is little that I cannot do and/or lead others to do. My diverse knowledge base helps me to integrate diverse people into cohesive teams that are truly able to follow the motto: "There is no limit to the good a person can do, if they don't care who gets the credit".

Management & Leadership Dynamics

People follow a winner, plain and simple, but a real leader doesn't push, prod and punish. A true leader does exactly what the word implies - leads, and often by example. "He who thinks he is leading, and has no one following, is merely taking a walk."

As founder of three companies and builder of others, I am intimately familiar with all stages of corporate growth and development from seed and startup, to expansion and exit. I fully understand what is needed at each stage, and how to organize and reorganize a company to prepare it to move into the next stage.

Building cohesive, productive teams is a particular forte of mine. After all, it's the people who make the company - the best products in the world will sit on the shelf otherwise. How these teams are managed is as important as their composition, and for this I have always favored a "leave the egos in the parking lot" type of atmosphere where everyone can contribute to solve problems, outline strategies, and motivate each other. My job is done when there are productive meetings at which I have to say very little. In my opinion, the true mark of a leader is the ability to obsolete oneself through increasing the value of others.

P&L Ownership

From the very beginning of my career, I have had P&L responsibility for the divisions and companies I've worked with, driving the entire organization to excel in throughput and efficiency. Most recently I helped an American company achieve 2.5 times the revenue generation per employee as its sister company, and 2 times the profitability. This ranked the company in the top 10th percentile as compared to S&P 500 companies.

Every business I've ever been involved in has been run as a LEAN Enterprise, even before invention of the term. Efficiency is maximized in all departments. Hiring is triggered by supporting events only, and employees are trained for diversity. As a result, I've never had a single lay-off in any company I've been in charge of.

Global Marketing Expertise

Over the course of my career I have successfully developed relations with companies in Europe and Asia, both for import and export activities. I also possess an excellent marketing sense, able to quickly discern the dynamics of the market and adjust the marketing and advertising strategies to "dance with the market". Being highly computer literate (I wrote a windowing program before Windows was introduced) and internet savvy, I have been quick to capitalize on changing technologies.

Technical Engineering

I have an extremely high technical aptitude, and have typically also managed the engineering departments of companies I've been involved with. Although not a degreed engineer, I have developed 19 U.S. and foreign patents, including 5 in solar energy, 5 in humidification, 5 in software, and 1 for design. As a firm believer in ISO, Six Sigma, and LEAN enterprise, my management of product development has always been geared to producing high quality, low cost products that arrive on the market early in the product life cycle.

"Companies reflect their leadership - shareholders beware."

- D. Scott Herr